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Even though it's everywhere, I bet you've been feeling frustrated trying to find GOOD PORN. You know the kind I'm talking about. Porn without sexism or negativity or stupidity. Porn that has realistic-looking sex, where the people are actually enjoying themselves. Porn for people who are a bit more discerning in what they want.

That's why I made Bright Desire. It's my idea of a better kind of porn. I set out to make high quality films that show all the fantastic things about sex that are so often missing from regular porn. I wanted to show laughter, intimacy, joy, mistakes, love, knowledge, fun and real, honest pleasure. I also wanted to capture the vibe of fantasy, sensual, dreamlike visions of sex that I rarely see elsewhere. Bright Desire features all my short films and erotic scenes, along with my erotic fiction and writing. It's a place for smart people to indulge in good, ethical, fair trade, feminist porn.

This site features pics from just one of my films - Vince's solo from "The Thought Of Her". Vince is a hot male porn star who is also very happily married. He hadn't done many solo scenes before and for Bright Desire I asked him to think about his wife. He also ad-libbed the sexy voiceover that accompanies the scene, speaking passionately about the love of his life. This adds an amazing emotional element to an already-hot scene.

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